Technical Expertise


Treading on our commitments, we have provided numerous reliable and cost effective web solutions along with the range of mobile applications. Knollinfo Technologies has accumulated the precious experience from numerous projects that has made it stand out of the crowd. Our trustworthiness is ever increasing with the range of reliable services and support that have earned us the reputation of pioneering web solutions provider.

We have expertise in range of advanced technologies including:

  • PHP: PHP language is widely accepted and most popular open source web development technology. Today, PHP has strengthened its market and has become the base stone of numerous Enterprise applications. PHP web development is considered the most efficient solutions with the combination of Linux, MySql, and Apache, better known as LAMP technologies. Many of open source based products are regularly used, implemented, and deployed by Knollinfo Technologies while it has developed many efficient solutions like CMS, E-Commerce Applications and customized web applications.

Few benefit of well-known LAMP technologies are:

  1. No license purchase cost
  2. Purely open source with huge expandability
  3. Rapid Development and Prompt response
  4. Available Code libraries
  5. Secure and trustworthy


  • Dot Net: It is one of the most sophisticated and reliable technology that has created the major impact in the market with spawning many of its by-products. Dot Net is Microsoft based technology, that is not only trustworthy but also inhibits many of possibilities with the futuristic approach. It offers the multilayer security measurement and numerous system management tools.  Along with the multi-platform compatibility, it has the range of benefits:
  1. Agile architecture
  2. Rapid development
  3. Improved operations
  4. Support to several languages


  • Mobile Development: Today mobile has become an integral part of the lifestyle where basic phones have been overcome by Android enabled devices and iPhones. To cope up with the advancement in technology and to reach to the wider area of the market, most of the businesses have started to adapt the mobile technology. To accomplish your desire to get an extra edge over the market, Knollinfo Technologies provides a range of subtle and robust applications, which are specifically made to recuperate the opportunities that you would have missed out in intense competition.

Knollinfo Technologies has developed and deployed myriad of mobile application across the range of leading platforms. Most importantly we do work in:


  1. Android App development
  2. Windows Mobile App Development
  3. iPhone App Development