Cloud Computing & Hosting


Stowing the data in Cloud, Accessing the application in Cloud and running them over the cloud. Today, IT industry has become the place where everything is moving inside the cloud. But a non-technical person is not well acquainted with the obscure concept of cloud. In response to the ubiquitous demand of access to shared pool of computing source, Cloud computing has made them possible. Cloud computing is the technology where shared resources are provided to remote systems on demand. This technology has revolutionized the market with providing enterprises the range of possibilities and enormous potential.  Cloud allows businesses to concentrate on the projects instead of infrastructure.

Cloud Service by Knollinfo Technologies

Knollinfo Technologies is the flourishing cloud service provider, which is assisting a range of clients with enabling them to adopt cloud as their foundation to unlock new opportunities and build innovative models for creating the amazing customer experience. The large whale of the ocean, Cloud is now completely ready to bolster the businesses and overcome the drawbacks of minnows that were the pillar of most of the businesses, with the capacity of swallowing myriad of storage technologies at a time. Knollinfo Technologies makes the transition easy from the conventional on-premise models to recurring revenue model and allows standing in the front of behemoth leaders of the industry by leveraging the capacities of Cloud.

Cloud computing Solutions come in the form of Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service that facilitates the development environment with scalable resources. Knollinfo Technologies promises the businesses to provide the unbiased, analytical approach to the solutions and direct them to make the congenial environment for organizations.

Benefits of Cloud Computing and Hosting

Now there is no need to be abided by the constraints since the pool of capacities is there to figure out the solution of your entire problem that can let you dominate the market with reigning technologies. Our Cloud computing solutions are optimized and engineered to bolster most demanding workloads synchronizing with the service criteria.

Cloud computing is the perennial solution, that inhibits the characteristics enjoyed by large enterprises such as full redundancy, robust system management tools, multi-tier SAN storage services, and disaster recovery services. Besides, it stows lot in menu:

  • Flexibility, control, and visibility
  • Compliance and security
  • Development sandboxes
  • Perfect load balancing

Using Cloud services, you will be able to unlock more value to the technology and business while being able to integrate enterprise-grade solutions rendering more agility, potential, and credibility.