Android Application Development


One of the most widely used, handy, efficient and faster platforms, Android operating system has gained the popularity so rapidly, that it became the “must have “platform for almost all smartphones. This complementing approach was initially developed by Google while later Open Handset Alliance took the responsibility. Android application allows the developer to generate managed code in Java language while controlling the device by Google developed Java libraries.

Android platform was firstly unveiled with the foundation of a consortium of 48 software, hardware and telecom companies, known as Open Handset Alliance, dedicated to the advancement in the open standards for the mobile phone.

Android is one of the most favorable platforms for mobile application development and is used in smartphones like HTC, Sony, LG, Karbon, and tablets as well. It is the versatile open source platform that offers the catalyst for companies to launch an innovative application for their thriving businesses.

Android Application Development at Knollinfo Technologies:

Knollinfo Technologies works with the Android based applications in numerous application domains while we have very robust mobile application development team of proficient and experienced professionals.

In order to make your app succeeded, you are needed to have a smart business strategy with the potential UI/UX design and proficient mobile development team. If you are looking for these things, then it is a good news for you, as we are here as the one-stop solution provider. Amidst the huge commotion and crowd of dull, monotonous, ho-hum mobile apps, we offer the most fancied and amazing mobile apps with superb agility and potential.

Benefits with Android Application Development:

  • Strong Application framework with the reuse and replacement of components
  • Open source WebKit engine based integrated browser
  • Structured Data Storage with SQLite
  • Ultimate media support
  • Rich development environment

Start enticing and retaining customers with amazing mobile apps that are more intuitive than ever. Whether you are embarking on completely new solutions or want to upgrade the existing project, Knollinfo technologies are here to assist you. Stop sticking to groove and embrace the optimized application with opening up new opportunities for your business.