Application Development

Application Software Engineering:

Knollinfo Technologies utilizes the most advanced and widely used cutting edge technology in order to satisfy the client’s business needs with critical enterprise applications. We offer the utmost competence in setting up the software development team for the product development, software maintenance and software testing which is the reason behind our proficiency in developing any kind of software ranging from e-commerce application to mobile application.

According to data, it is reported that most of the off-the-shelf softwares have been counterproductive for specific requirements of clients whereas, Knollinfo technologies understands the need of customization.

Whether it is the office automation system or database driven solutions, we are committed to providing the bespoke softwares that are developed to meet the specific set of needs and innate the flexibility to adapt with the ever changing requirements. Our team of competent engineers first assesses the entire range of challenges, your business has to face and then deliver the astonishingly capable software.  We follow the standardized methodology that makes us able to produce the efficient yet cost effective software solutions. This ensures you of a robust and error-free product that will be able to perform outstandingly, providing the edge your business deserves.

Custom Software Development:

Today, trading within the complex business environment, company management stays under huge pressure to meet market challenges. Hence, the need arises to create applications that would be able to deliver the better response to customer requests with the perfect blend of operational efficiency. On the other hand, IT organization has to face pressure to deliver the increased functionality, scalability and higher quality in lowest possible cost.

Knollinfo Technologies create, maintain and deploy customized application that provides the competitive edge to your business in the market. We promise to deliver the rich custom applications aligned with the industry standards and customer expectations. The custom software application delivered by Knollinfo Technologies has powered our number of clients to deal with ever changing market needs and strengthened the business to dominate in the competitive era. Our web application development expertise of highly experienced project managers enables us to render the highly scalable software after the careful requirement analysis which consequently helps in development and coding.

At Knollinfo Technologies, we conceptualize, develop and deploy feature-rich web applications, which are customized in accordance with the specific demands of the client. We have developed a range of applications with the easy to use interface as the core characteristic. We endeavor to keep pace with the latest waves of technologies, to provide effective solutions to our clients. We offer best in class service at optimal cost and quality, with innovative approach while designing application.

Our custom web application development services include:

  • Web based Application development
  • Database driven websites development

Maintaining the momentum with the growing industry standards, we prefer the most advanced approach for application development while we have our various products developed with Php and Dot Net technologies.

Software Life Cycle Management: Not confirmed yet


Mobile Application Development:

The sudden boom in the mobile internet has impacted the market widely, which resulted into more and more people using the internet. According to the data, there are approximately 2 million internet users in India.

If you want to get the ease and convenience of systems in one touch devices, then the top end solution is here. Possessing the immense knowledge in the field of wireless and mobile application, Knollinfo Technologies is one of the few mobile app developer companies that are able to work across all leading mobile platforms today. Our developers have years of experience in mobile technologies and have developed the range of mobile applications for the different operating system. Whether you require a complex structural application or the less sophisticated software with simplistic features, we develop the bespoke app in accordance with your specific requirements. Our competent engineers have significant experience in developing apps for:

  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • iPhone
  • Windows Mobile

Knollinfo Technologies delivers the enterprise mobility solutions for the range of industries, enabling the organizations to impeccably add mobile to their technology stack. We at Knollinfo Technologies understand that no two businesses are alike and our approach of client interaction and assessment of client requirements replicates our ideology. The foundation of our work lies at the thorough understanding of client’s mobility goals, which is the initial step in designing and implementing the meticulous project plan from requirement analysis to development, extensive testing, and deployment.

Take your app ideas to a new level with the high performance, profit attracting mobile apps. We let your business create niche product in the busy online era. Our methodologies assist brands to gain excellence with turning sporadic app ideas into revenue streaming source.


Web Technology Solutions:

Knollinfo Technologies believe that the digital presence is the face of any business and now it has become the most important tool of communication to a myriad of potential customers. To maintain the momentum in the competitive era, effective web design is given the enhanced attention by us, as the well-designed internet presence can promote the brand message and render a compelling user experience. In a nutshell, the efficient, neat and user-friendly website is the inviting approach to attract the huge attention from customers.

Knollinfo Technologies concentrates on the automation of different business processes by using internet technologies and integrating them with the current application. Our experience of development does not get end with the modicum of websites; rather it is accumulated through the development of the range of interactive websites. We leverage our prolific experience for developing Rich Internet Application. We make use of the most advanced technologies such as Ajax, JQuery, Macromedia, and XML in the process of making internet application more interactive and efficient for customers.

 Rejuvenation of your Digital Face:

Everyday, millions of pages are being stowed in the repository of the internet while the cluster of pages makes your website old and less attractive. Alongside, your digital presence also gets faded away which might be the reason for losing hold in your targeted market. We save our clients from this negative effect and assist them in keeping presentation and content both fresh.

E-Commerce Application:

Our team of proficient developers is able to deliver the comprehensive solutions along with the support of business models and e-commerce sites which speed up and simplify the profit making process with inhibited performance, scalability and adaptability as the core characteristics. We offer the varied custom solutions for marketing, merchandising, content management and industry’s most capable middleware platform for satisfying the varied technical needs of every sort of business.


Technical Consulting Services:

Once you shake hand with us, we never let you entangled in the trap of technical know-how. We are always there for your assistance with our IT support team at just the distance of single call, or if it is feasible to send us an email, then contact us unhesitatingly through the mail and we will get back to you straight away. Our prompt and elegant service can result into the enhancement of your customer satisfaction in the end.

We often boast of our experience, the experience is not just the technical; rather it lies in understanding the sporadic business requirements. We comply by our values that enforce us to offer the best in industry support and assistance which help you keep your business going and stay ahead of the competition. Our aim to maintain the healthier relation with our client even after delivering the solution is accomplished efficiently. We never miss things or forget about your feedback and complain, rather we follow you to ensure the trustworthiness and efficiency with the coherent, consistent and comprehensive service support from our side.