Working Methodologies

Why choose Knollinfo Technologies?

The perfect blend of innovation with creativeness is the answer to your quest. Let us ask a few questions:

  • Do you desire to get the immense growth in your business with the use of advanced technologies and sophisticated tools?
  • Do you wish your business to be propelled by the innovative technological forces and directed by the industry trends?
  • Are you searching out for the company that can render your business the one end solutions and be able to compensate the trench between you business and current trends?
  • Lastly, Do you want your business to be the first choice of customers resulting into the massive increase in profitability?

If yes, then  your search ends here with Knollinfo technologies, that is one of the leading IT company with pioneering technology expertise gained through the huge database of knowledge, that are implemented to deliver solutions meeting customer needs.  The agile software development approach provides strategic direction that make you stand out of the crowd and enables to anticipate the changes.

Knollinfo technologies works with the commitment to deliver the best technological solutions and considers consistency, dedication, value, honesty, integrity and loyalty as the ground stones of the business. Owing to the strong focus on advanced technology and culture of deep research, Knollinfo Technologies gets able to execute the projects, where most of the competitors fail. This charismatic result is given by the experienced engineers who first acutely understand the business challenges and then deliver the robust solutions.

Working Methodologies:

Knollinfo Technologies believes that the creativity is not only bounded to be amalgamated with the marketing communication and designing of web solutions, rather it is the essential tool that spawns the fresh perspective in every single interaction with the client.

The best in industry solution is not the result of once shot approach; rather it is the consequent result of the line-up of meticulous steps that are taken by the acute-minded and creative developers. These steps are:

Pre-development analysis:

Here, we understand the entire business structure of client and try to assess the approach and strategy to warp each module of software, which would be able to synchronize with the client’s business objectives, scenario, and target audiences. We analyze the core requirements of the business and come up with the outstanding ideas and solutions. Further, we also make the thorough analysis of the best suitable technologies for your business and pick the best among them.

Conceptualization Approach:

After the analysis, we step up to the conceptualization approach that is one of the cross-functional approaches. It includes the team of professional from numerous areas including strategic planning, web designing and technology. The intensive interaction with the client results into the birth of numerous concepts which are the key of the potential solution. Noticeably, the client is considered the integral part throughout the process. As the concept is finalized, there comes the Development stage.

Development and Testing:

This is where we highly focus over the multi-directional approach that is powered by the industry experience of our highly proficient engineers. It is the integrative approach where the client interaction goes along the process of development and as the solution gets ready; it goes through the vigorous testing, which sharpens the accuracy and acuteness of the solution.


Implementation is the key of our long term healthy relation with our client. During the stage of implementation, we work carefully with our team to ensure that solution is implemented smoothly. We consider that delivering value to our client is much important than being top on the search engine list.